Industria designer Jude Tiotuico:

As a self taught designer, Jude T. has had his struggles in finding his place in the furniture design world. Inspired by the design silhouettes of modern mid century and significant vintage, forms, finish, and texture. His journey started in the 90’s opening his own company, sub-contracting wrought iron accessories and furniture. He then eventually developed a craving to create his own look that he dabbled in design since then. He described his early works as “eclectic, since there was a lack of better term for it” as he laughingly narrated it.

The journey continued on until he met and collaborated with Eric Paras in 2007, that he started to hone his skills and learned valuable lessons which he applied up to now. In 2013 he was given an opportunity to work and collaborate with both the country’s premiere interior designer Budji Layug and furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue with the newly formed Design Philippines by CITEM which further led him to zero in the individual look he so longed to search for.

His design process starts with infusing snapshots of his past experiences and moods on his lifestyle and travels, Adding fantasy to form and function to his main medium “STEEL”. Achieves a sense of lightness and simplicity resulting to a harmonious balance of fun and sophistication.

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